Amazon Prime Video- plans and benefits

Amazon Prime (also known as prime video) is a platform basically to entertain you. It’s a platform that was formed to showcase people the movies and web series at a low budget. When we buy a movie or any web series it’s the price is too much. A single movie was up to $5. But amazon provides you that movies in just $119 per year. You can watch unlimited movies and web series at just $119. 

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Plans of amazon prime

Amazon prime plans are available according to month and year. But I think buying a year plan is too good. Because the year plan contains much profit than a monthly plan. But you can buy membership according to you.

Per Month$12.99
Per Year$119
prime video plans

Therefore I will suggest you buy the year plan because it will give you more profit.


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Why buy the amazon prime

I think that it is the best way to entertain yourself. It’s the best way to watch your favorite movies and web series. It’s all web series are amazing. Fell very amazing after using it. 

Is it worth my money

Yes totally, it will worth money. All of its movies and web series are amazing. You will like it when using it.

Benefits of Amazon prime

  • Get free shipping of all orders fulfilled by amazon
  • Get same-day delivery
  • Watch unlimited movies and web series 
  • Will provide you some special offers that non-prime members don’t  have
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How many customers subscribe to it

Amazon has announced that it has now more than 115 million prime members. Now you can trust on it.

So if you are interested in it buy now. And if you had any questions in your mind related to amazon then write it in the comment section. Try to reply to you soon.


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