Well, headphones are very important if you love listening to music like me. So choosing a good headphone is a bit difficult But why should you all take tension when your buddy MD review is here. Which headphone is best according to you please comment down below. And all these headphones are easily available on Amazon easily so you can easily buy them.

1.AKG K371BT

These are the best headphones for you if you want to be comfortable while listening to music. These are a good option and always on first because of its comfort. And they are foldable so you can carry them easily.
Over-ear, closed-back foldable studio headphones with BlueTooth.

Uncompromising fidelity
When it comes to studio headphones, nothing matters more than accuracy. It features amazing sensitivity and frequency response.
Robust and roadworthy for mobile lifestyles
They pack down tight for probability.

Supreme Comfort, sleek style
They are gorgeously styled with plush, slow-retention foam earpads in an over-ear. They are super comfortable.

The freedom of Bluetooth

The BlueTooth is the freedom you can just connect it with your device and listen to songs.


So is with a voice-enabled Alexa. It has a voice. You just have to download two apps JBL app and the Alexa app. And then your voice assistant is ready. talk thru is the best feature in it. The Ambient Aware feature lets you hear the external sound while you are listening to music.

Battery life
With a 30 hour Battery life from 2 hours of playtime when charged for 15 min.

Multi-point connection
This feature allows you to effortlessly switch from one Bluetooth device to another.

My JBL headphone app
Personalize your listening experience by tweaking the JBL sound preferences via my jbl headphone app.


They are wireless BlueTooth headphones with up to 8h playback. Its design is Lightweight So its easy to carry them. Easy access controls and dual-mode compatibility. They are cool and lightweight on-ear headphones. They can be folded.

40 MM Drivers with HD sound
Their drivers have a very great sound. If you are a gamer and looking for the budget headphone then they are best for you.

Feather light
They are very light in weight. They are very easy to carry anywhere you want

UPTO 8 hours battery backup
There are up to 8 hours of battery backup. So if you got disturbed by those headphones who lose their battery so soon, then congratulations you are at the right place.

Adjustable earcups
Its earcups are adjustable. You can adjust them according to you. One of the best features in it.
Integrated controls with voice assistant
It comes with two voice assistants SIRI and GOOGLE.

If you want a very good headphone in the budget then they are best for you. You should probably buy them. It’s highly recommended.

4.Cosmic Byte GS410

They are with mic. You can use them on any device. they are gaming headphones. It came with rocking colors. They are soft cushioned head-pad and ear-pad that is adjustable for long hours of gaming.

Light weight
These headphones are very comfortable and lightweight. There grip is very great so you don’t have to get disturbed by setting grip after every second.

Amazing sound quality for every type of system
So their sound quality is amazing for any type of system either is a laptop, or mobile.
Cable wire is too big
Its cable wire is too big. You can enjoy your music listening and gaming with large cable wire.

5.Patron over the ear headphone

They are wireless and very stylish headphones. They are very great hands-free headphones. They will not gonna disturb like other headphones by beeping sound. Stereo sound
If you love listening to music or watching videos then they are the best option for you. But I will not recommend them to gamers Because they are not made for that.

Comfortable Form padding
Their form of padding is very comfortable. You can enjoy your experience with them.
12 HOURS of music playtime per charge
Its battery is very great. YOu can enjoy your world of music without noise for about 12 hours.
Passive noise-canceling headphones
They focus on canceling the noise out lower frequency sounds.

Built-in mic and Aux compatibility
ake hand free calls without reaching your phone with the help of a high-performance built-in mic.
End of the story perfect for music lovers and video creators. You can buy them now.

These all headphones are available on amazon and i have given their link so you can buy them easily.

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